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COVID-19 Vaccinations for Prison Populations and Staff: Report on Global Scan

Harm Reduction International, Penal Reform International
December 1, 2021

From the report's executive summary:

People detained and working in prisons aroundthe world continue to be left behind in COVID-19responses despite facing heightened risk ofinfection. As has been the case with COVID-19testing in prisons, a lack of transparency, lack ofresources, and sometimes logistical difficultieshinder the collection and publication of accuratedata on the state of COVID-19 vaccinations inprisons in many countries. This report aimsto shed light on how prison populations andstaff are included and prioritised in nationalvaccination plans, as well as current progresson vaccine roll-out in prisons. A database ofall national vaccination plans reviewed forthis study and interactive maps displaying keyfindings have been developed by Justice ProjectPakistan, and are available at https://jpp.org.pk/covid19-prisoners/.

Download the full report in PDF form.