Abdorrahman Boroumand Center

for Human Rights in Iran

Portraits of Student Repression in Iran
Interrupted Lives:
is a traveling exhibit that tells the story of Iranian students who have been punished for expressing their beliefs. Thousands have been victims of politically motivated arrests or executions during the past three decades.
Watch Interrupted Lives:
hear the stories of Iranian students who have suffered official repression.
Information is action:
learn about the ongoing effort to silence students.

Interrupted Lives: Portraits of Student Repression in Iran

Banned from university. Arrested. Imprisoned. Tortured. Executed. Throughout the more than thirty-year history of the Islamic Republic of Iran, there have been thousands of cases of human rights abuse and students have consistently been the target of official representation and extra-legal violence. Whether treated as political pawns, punished for expressing their opinions, or violated for refusing to recant their beliefs, these students were kept from pursuing the development and free exchange of ideas, the hallmarks of education. Their lives were cut short or irrevocably altered.