The Death Penalty: Video Resources
Magdaleno Rose-Avila, Executive Director of Witness to Innocence
Fulgence Massawe, Tanzanian Constitutional Lawyer
Shreya Rastogi, National Law University Delhi Death Penalty Project Researcher
Rashid Williams, Lawyer for Guantanamo Bay Defendant
Behnud: Juvenile Victim of Laws
Iran & the CRC: Justifying the Unjustifiable
Bahram Ahmadi: Juvenile Victim of Laws
Is Killing Mohammad Reza Justice?
Reyhaneh Jabbari: Justice Denied, Dignity Under Assault
Dr. Sashi Tharoor's Case Against the Death Penalty in India
Pope Francis' Address to the U.S. Congress
Cutting Off Hands: An Islamic Necessity?
"Why Do You Go to Cheer On a Hanging?" An Iranian Cleric Condemns Public Execution
"Do They Really Cut Off Your Hand for Stealing in Iran?"
A Former Addict Speaks : One Face of Iran's War on Drugs
NOPM: Special Forces for the People's Protection, Episode I
Kurdish Activist Eqbal Moradi: Help Us End Execution of Political Prisoners in Iran
Kurdish Activist Mokhtar Zare'i: "The Machine of Death and Execution Must Stop"
Saleh Shariati Speaks from Iran's Death Row
Iran Attorney General: Death Penalty May Await Those Involved in Truck Strikes
Access to a Lawyer: A Matter of Life and Death
NOPM: Special Forces for the People's Protection, Episode II