Abdorrahman Boroumand Center

for Human Rights in Iran

Promoting tolerance and justice through knowledge and understanding

Joint Communication to the UN Commission on the Status of Women

Six human rights organizations including Aborrahman Boroumand Center
July 30, 2021
Appeal/Urgent Action

From the statement's introduction:

To the Commission on the Status of Women:

We write to alert you to the ongoing pattern of arbitrary arrests and detention of women human rights defenders in Iran, and the more recent disturbing trend of banishing them to exile in remote prisons, beyond public scrutiny. While upwards of 500 women are arbitrarily detained in Iran, this submission focuses on emblematic cases to illustrate broader trends of injustice against women rights defenders and discriminatory practices against women. These women rights defenders are generally charged with some of the most serious crimes under the Iranian Islamic Penal Code for nothing other than their peaceful activism leading the struggle for a more just, equal, and sustainable future for all citizens.

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