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Annual Report on the Death Penalty in Iran - 2018

Iran Human Rights
Iran Human Rights
February 26, 2019

The report provides an assessment and analysis of the death penalty trends in 2018 in the Islamic Republic of Iran. It sets out the number of executions in 2018, the trend compared to previous years, the legislative framework and procedures, charges, geographic distribution and a monthly breakdown of executions. Lists of the female and juvenile offenders executed in 2018 are also included in the tables. Drug-related executions one year after enforcement of new amendments to the Anti-Narcotic law are reviewed. The old Anti-narcotics law and new amendment, along with its strengths and weaknesses, are discussed.

The report also looks into the abolitionist movement within Iran, including the forgiveness movement and its contribution to limit the use of the death penalty, and some information about the crackdown on human rights defenders.