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Urgent: Iranian Political Prisoner in Danger of Execution - Iran Human Rights Urge the International Community to Help Save the Life of Gholamreza Khosravi

Iran Human Rights
Iran Human Rights
September 7, 2012
Appeal/Urgent Action

Iran Human Rights, September 6: According to sources inside Iran, Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani, political prisoner, is at risk of being executed within the coming days.

Iran Human Rights (IHR) urges the international community to act immediately to save Mr. Khosravi’s life.

Family members of Mr. Khosravi were informed by sources in Tehran’s Evin Prison that the death sentence will be implemented on September 10. According to the sources in prison, the implementation of sentences office in Evin Prison is aware of the scheduled date of execution.

Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani (50 years old) is currently held in ward 350 of Evin Prison. Abdolfattah Soltani, one of Mr. Khosravi’s lawyers, is currently held in the same ward.

According to Mr. Khosravi’s family, who visited him some days ago, he was in good spirits and said that the Iranian authorities have not yet announced a date of execution to him.

Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani was arrested in 2008 in Rafsanjan, Kerman for his alleged cooperation with the exile TV station Simay-e Azadi (Voice of Freedom), which is in connection with The Mujahedin-e-Khalgh organization (PMOI or MEK). In 2008, Mr. Khosravi was sentenced to a total of six years in prison. He was charged with espionage for cooperation with the pro-MEK TV channel. Despite the fact that he already had been sentenced, he was re-tried for the same accusations, this time charged with “Moharebeh" (enmity against God), and sentenced to death. The death sentence was confirmed by the Supreme Court on April 21. and eventually sent to the implementations of sentences office in Evin Prison.

Gholamreza Khosravi Savadjani has reportedly spent more than 40 months in solitary confinement in different locations in the prisons, including ward 240 of Evin Prison. Close sources state that Mr. Khosravi has been under torture and pressure to make televised confessions. It is believed that Mr. Khosravi’s refusal to make confessions is the reason why he is sentenced to death.

Mahmood Amiry-Moghaddam, the spokesperson for Iran Human Rights (IHR) condemned Mr. Khosravi’s death sentence and said, "The death sentence against Mr. Khosravi is illegal even according to Iranian laws. For example, one cannot be tried and sentenced more than once for the same offence."Amiry-Moghaddam added: "At this phase in the case, only an order from the Head of the Judiciary or the Supreme Leader can stop Mr. Khosravi’s execution. We urge the United Nations and all countries with diplomatic ties to Iran to use their channels to ensure the Iranian authorities quash Mr. Khosravi’s unjust death sentence. We also ask everyone who knows Mr. Khosravi’s story to react to the injustice and join the worldwide campaign to save his life."