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One Person’s Story

Kobra Fatemi


Age: 41
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Married


Date of Killing: May 23, 2021
Location of Killing: Yazd Central Prison, Yazd, Yazd Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Murder
Age at time of alleged offense: 35

About this Case

The execution of Ms. Kobra Fatemi was reported by Iran Human Rights Organization’s Website (May 24, 2021).  News of this execution was not published in Iranian media nor was it broadcast by official sources. 

According to available information, Ms. Fatemi was 41 and was married.  Her case has to do with a murder in Yazd, in 2016. 

Arrest and detention

Ms. Fatemi spent 6 years in prison, however, the circumstances of her arrest and detention are not known.


No information is available on Ms. Fatemi’s trial.


The charge brought against Ms. Fatemi was “premeditated murder”.

In the report of this execution it is said that she had been married for three years and that marital problems resulted in the murder of her husband.

The validity of the criminal charges brought against this defendant cannot be ascertained in the absence of the basic guarantees of a fair trial.   

Evidence of guilt

The report of this execution does not contain information regarding the evidence provided against Ms. Fatemi.


No information is available on Mrs. Fatemi’s defense.


Ms. Kobra Fatemi was sentenced to death.  On Sunday, May 23, 2021, she was executed by hanging, in the Central Prison of Yazd.

According to knowledgeable person in this report, “The victim’s family were supposed to accept the blood money and forgive. However, the victim’s uncle who was a member of the Revolutionary Guard insisted that this sentence be carried out and that the family of the victim did not want blood money.”

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