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One Person’s Story

Sasan Danesh


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Non-Believer
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: 1986
Location of Killing: Evin Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Fatal
Charges: Apostasy; Counter revolutionary opinion and/or speech

About this Case

The information about Mr. Sasan Danesh (known in prison as Hassan Ebrahimzadeh) has been sent to Omid, via an electronic form, by a former cellmate. Mr. Danesh was born in Babol (Mazandaran province) and had educated siblings. After his mandatory military service, Mr. Danesh travelled to Chicago, IL, and started his political activities at the Confederation of Iranian Students, where he became familiar with leftist organization. In 1979, he returned to Iran and continued his activism at the Vahdat-e Komonisti Organization.

The Vahdat-e Komonisti (Communist Unity) Organization was founded in November 1978 by Communist political activists, particularly students who were educated outside the country and returned to Iran, as well as similar-minded activists inside the country. The history of its founding dates back to the Ettehadieh Komonist-ha (Communist Union), which was formed outside Iran in the late 1960’s. The members of Vahdat-e Komonisti identified themselves as supporters of “political-military struggle for the preparation and accomplishment of a Socialist revolution,” and as leftists opposed to Stalinism and Maoism. Among the activities of this organization were critiques of the political and ideological standpoints of political organizations in Iran via publication of Raha’i, the main publication of the Vahdat-e Komonisti. ِDuring the massive crackdown on opposition groups in June 1981, the organization faced significant crises and split into various factions. Members of the organization outside Iran continued their activism until 1986 through the publication of Andisheh Raha’i and Bultan-e Akhbar-e Iran (the Bulletin of Iranian News).

Arrest and detention

According to the available information, Mr. Danesh was arrested in Tehran on May 1, 1981, when he was returning home after having participated in a demonstration. He was carrying several political leaflets at the time of arrest. He was sent to Evin prison. In prison, he introduced himself as Hassan Ebrahimzadeh, and his cellmates called him Uncle Hassan.


According to his cellmate, Mr. Danesh was tried several times while the proceedings lasted only a few minutes. He was eventually condemned to 2 years imprisonment. He then was sent to Kohardasht prison (Karaj) and he was kept in solitary confinement for 2 years. In 1986 he was tried again; the trial lasted ten minutes.


Mr. Danesh was charged with defending Marxism and apostasy.

Evidence of guilt

At the time of arrest, Mr. Danesh was carring political leaflets. He also defended Marxism in prison and at trials. No further information is available on the evidence provided against him.


No information is available concerning Mr. Danesh’s defense.


Mr. Sasan Danesh was executed in Evin prison in 1986.

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