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One Person’s Story

Reza Kayvanzad


Age: 33
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam
Civil Status: Married


Date of Killing: June 8, 1986
Location of Killing: Evin Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Unspecified execution method
Charges: Plotting to overthrow the Islamic Republic; Corruption on earth; War on God

About this Case

The information about Mr. Reza Kayvanzad is based on an interview with a person close to him. He was born in Tehran in 1952. He was a student at Sharif University majoring in industrial engineering, and a sympathizer of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization. Before the Revolution, he was imprisoned from 1975 to 1978 for student political activities.

Arrest and detention

The circumstances of this defendant’s arrest and detention are not known. Mr. Reza Kayvanzad was identified by a person who was riding in the Revolutionary Guards’ car, and arrested by the Guards in December of 1981. According to the interviewee, a few days after his arrest, he took his interrogators to a fake meeting in order to stop severe torture. When he tried to escape, he was shot in the arm and rearrested. He was detained at Evin prison. According to a former prisoner, Mr. Reza Kayvanzad was tortured severely and attempted to commit suicide several times. He had some short visitations with his brother through the windows at Evin prison.


Mr. Reza Kayvanzad was tried at Evin prison. According to the interviewee, he was tried and condemned to death several times. The last time, the ruling against him was confirmed by the Supreme Judiciary Council. He had been detained for three and a half years.


The charges against Mr. Reza Kayvanzad were announced as, “armed rebellion against the Islamic Republic, waging war against God, and corruption on Earth.”

The validity of the criminal charges brought against this defendant cannot be ascertained in the absence of the basic guarantees of a fair trial.

Evidence of guilt

The report of this execution does not contain information regarding the evidence provided against the defendant. According to the interviewee, the evidence of guilt provided against the defendant consisted of handwritten statements obtained from him when he was tortured.


No information is available about his defense. He was denied the right to have an attorney.


According to the interviewee, Mr. Reza Kayvanzad was executed at Evin prison on June 8, 1985. Prison officials did not return his body to the family and informed them about his burial location at Behesh-e Zahra cemetery by telephone the next day.

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