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One Person’s Story

Ali-Akbar Faghfuri


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: July 12, 1981
Location of Killing: Behshahr, Mazandaran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Sympathizing with anti-regime guerilla groups; Participating in an anti-regime demonstration; Counter revolutionary opinion and/or speech; Corruption on earth; Actively opposing the Islamic Republic

About this Case

The execution of Mr. Ali-Akbar Faghfuri was reported in the Jomhuri-e Eslami daily along with that of 8 others in the towns of Sanandaj and Behshahr on July 13, 1981.

Arrest and detention

The circumstances of this defendant’s arrest and detention are not known.


According to the newspaper report, Mr. Faghfuri refused to reveal his identity during his detention and trial. No further information is available about this trial.


The report specifies that Mr. Faghfuri and the four other convicts were charged with "threatening and intimidating Muslim people," "insulting the combatant clergy and the Islamic Republic," "repeated clashes with the people," "disseminating rumors and organizing demonstrations in favor of the impeached President Bani-Sadr, which demonstrations resulted in burning tires and throwing stones at security forces," "organizing secret political gatherings and team houses," "disturbing the mind of the youth by misleading them with wrong ideas," "distributing political leaflets and posters," "defending the political ideas of the People's Mojahedin Organization," "participating in disarming Revolutionary Guard brothers, and consistently opposing the Islamic Revolution."

Evidence of guilt

The report of this execution does not contain information regarding the evidence provided against the defendant.


No information is available on Mr. Faghfuri's defense.


The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Behshahr found Mr. Faghfuri guilty of "corruption on earth" and "rebellion against God and the People". He was executed at dawn on July 12, 1981.

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