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One Person’s Story

Amir Khani


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: February 6, 1980
Location of Killing: Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Murder of persons and/or killing Muslims or/and freedom fighters; Collaborating with the political police SAVAK

About this Case

The execution of Mr. Amir Khani was reported along with three others in the Ettela’at daily (February 7, 1980). Based on this report, a fifth individual, Brigadier General Jamsheed Fathi Moqadam, former Commander of Artillery of the Infantry Division of the Guard, asked to perform a ceremonial washing right before the sentence was carried out. When, concerned about his long absence, the Revolutionary Guards went to the prison bathroom, they found that he had committed suicide by cutting his wrist with a sharp object. He was reported to have bled to death.

Arrest and detention

The circumstances of this defendant’s arrest and detention are not known.


According to the report, Mr. Khani was tried at the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Center (Tehran) along with four other defendants, two of them convicted of adultery and rape. No specific information about the circumstances of the trial is provided in the report.


The Revolutionary Tribunal explained the defendant’s charges to the correspondent of the Ettela’at daily as follows: “He was appointed by the police to serve SAVAK [former regime political police]. in 1355 [1976] and since then, he has diligently suppressed the revolutionaries.”

Evidence of guilt

In his report to the correspondent of the Ettela’at daily, the Revolutionary Tribunal referred to a letter from the Joint Anti-Terrorist Committee to the police, dated 1355/4/15 [06/05/1976], requesting medals for 13 individuals “who participated in the massacre of 41 Mojahedin and combatants during partisan operations, exhibited bravery in these clashes, and had highly satisfying performances in general.” Allegedly, the defendant’s name was mentioned as the twelfth person on the list to be rewarded a medal for his services to the SAVAK.


No information is available on the accused’s defense.


The Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of the Center (Tehran) sentenced Mr. Khani to death. He was executed in the Evin prison at dawn.

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