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One Person’s Story

Gholamreza Neshat


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Married


Date of Killing: January 15, 1980
Location of Killing: Mashhad, Khorasan\Khorasan-e Razavi Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Plundering of national treasury; Corruption on earth; Fighting against the revolution/blocking the path of God

About this Case

The execution of Mr. Gholamreza Neshat and another individual was reported in the Ettela’at daily (January 16, 1980).

Arrest and detention

The circumstances of this defendant’s arrest and detention are not known.


No information is available on the defendant’s trial.


Based on the report, Mr. Neshat was accused of “implementing censorship and creating an atmosphere of oppression, participating directly and indirectly in arresting the revolutionary combatants, misusing his job and position as the head of the internal security of Khorasan’s dissolved SAVAK to seize the properties of Astan e Qods and the Religious Endowments Organization [Sazman e Oqaf], participating in exiling the revolutionary combatants and inspecting people’s homes without official search warrants, having a hand in the murder of Hasan Soleimani and the torture of Nasrollah Ja’farnezhad, and so on and so forth.”

Evidence of guilt

The report does not mention anything about the evidence presented against the defendant.


No information is available on the accused’s defense.


In its twenty fourth session, the Islamic Revolutionary Tribunal of Mashhad declared Mr. Neshat a “corruptor on earth,” and an "enemy of God.” The Tribunal sentenced the defendant to death and ordered the confiscation of all his belongings except for one place of residence for his dependents. He was executed at dawn.

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