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One Person’s Story

Aziz Morad


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: August 20, 1979
Location of Killing: Central Prison (Dizelabad), Kermanshah, Kermanshah Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Unknown anti revolutionary offense

About this Case

Mr. Aziz Morad was one of 7 Kurds executed in Paveh's Dezel Abad Prison on the order of Ayatollah Khalkhali, according to Akhbare Rooz (Iranian Political Bulletin) of November 3, 2003.

The article, written after the death of Ayatollah Khalkhali in Tehran, refers to executions of Kurds in Paveh during the latter half of August, 1979. Ayatollah Khalkhali was the religious judge sent by Tehran to Kurdistan at the time of these executions.The article quotes reports in the newspapers Kayhan and Ettela’at, and to the Komeleh Party newsletter.

Arrest and detention

The circumstances of this defendant’s arrest and detention are not known.


No trial was held.


No information about the charges against Mr. Morad is available.

Evidence of guilt

The report of this execution does not contain information regarding the evidence provided against the defendant.


No information is available about any defense offered by Mr. Morad.


Mr. Morad was executed on the order of Ayatollah Khalkhali.

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