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One Person’s Story

Sheikh Nadim


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: 2014
Location of Killing: Karachi, Pakistan
Mode of Killing: Unspecified extrajudicial method

About this Case

Information regarding the extrajudicial killing of Mr. Sheikh Nadim was published in Mizan News Agency (December 5, 2014), and on Deutsche Welle, Radio Farda, and Voice of America websites (December 5, 2014).

Mr. Sheikh Nadim’s Death 

According to available information, at the ceremony introducing “Comprehensive Plans for Seminary Housing Projects'', Mahmoud Alavi, who was the Minister of Information of the Islamic Republic at the time, said, “Sheikh Nadim and his brother were killed by stray bullets.”  According to Alavi, Shaykh Nadim and his brother had killed 15 Pakistani Shi’a men and two Iranian engineers who had built a bridge in Karachi. 

Officials’ Reaction

In his speech at the ceremony introducing “Comprehensive Plans for Seminary Housing Projects”, the Information Minister talked about security and intelligence measures undertaken inside and outside the country.  According to him, five people have been killed outside the Iranian borders and a number of people have been arrested. He said, “A few months ago, Abdul Ra’uf Rigi, a military member of Jaysh ‘ul Adl, and his nephew were struck by ‘stray bullets’ in Pakistan.  Also, someone called Sheikh Nadim and his brother were killed by stray bullets.”  The Information Minister added, “Twenty years ago, someone took the head of the security forces of Sirjan into the mountains in order to show him the smugglers’ hiding place, pushed him off a cliff, killed him, and escaped to Karachi.  This man has been identified and retaliated against.”  He continued to say, “Somebody named Mohammad Bozorgzadeh killed fifteen members of the Islamic Republic Police Force, during 2008-2009, and fled to Tanzania. He had some commercial success in Tanzania and was contributing to the Jaysh ‘ul Adl group.  He has also been a victim of a ‘stray bullet’.”   

Family’s Reaction

There is no information on the reaction of SheikhNadim's family.

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