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One Person’s Story

Ramezan Dusti Mugu’i


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: January 30, 2008
Location of Killing: Evin Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Murder

About this Case

The execution of Mr. Ramezan Dusti Mugui, along with four other people, was reported by Fars News Service and ISCA News Website (January 30, 2008) and Tehran e Emrooz Newspaper (January 31, 2008).  Additional information on this case was gathered from Shargh Newspaper (June 15, 2005 and February 7, 2006) and Iran Newspaper (June 15, 2005).Mr. Dusti Mugui was about 30 years old and lived in Tehran.  His case was related to the death of his brother’s wife, after a fall from the fifth floor of the building they lived in, on Molavi Street.

Arrest and detention

Mr. Dusti Mugui was arrested in a hotel in Tabriz, a few days after the incident leading to the death of his brother’s wife.  Police were investigating the death of a woman who had fallen from a building in Molavi Street in Tehran, at 1 pm, on April 5, 2004.  They found out that at the time of the incident, the woman had been at home with her husband’s brother.  When they found out that the brother-in- law had not been at the funeral of this woman, they decided to pursue him as a suspect.  A few days later, police found and arrested Mr. Dusti at a hotel in Tabriz. He spent three years in prison.  


The judiciary panel at Branch 74 of the Criminal Court of Tehran Province tried Mr. Dusti on June 8, 2005.  Mr. Dusti testified in court that he had become suspicious of his brother’s wife. She would leave the house for several hours, after her husband had left, and would return before he was due to return home.  This behavior caused Mr. Dusti to suspect that she was having relations with other men. On the day of the incident, he confronted her and they were arguing.  During the altercation, he became angry and grappled with her.  The parents of the victim asked for the suspect to be executed in retaliation for their daughter’s death.


The charge brought against Mr. Dusti was “murder in the first degree”.  He was accused of killing his brother’s wife with blows from a knife, and throwing her out of a fifth floor window.

Evidence of guilt

Mr. Dusti confessed to killing his brother’s wife when he was angry. The Coroner confirmed that the victim had sustained two knife blows to the chest and side.


Mr. Dusti was suspected to be suffering from “psychosis/schizophrenia”.  His brother tried to bring this to the attention of the court, to no avail.  Mr. Dusti confessed to the murder in a state of rage, expressed remorse, and asked for clemency. 


Mr. Ramezan Dusti Mugui was sentenced to death by hanging (Retaliation for Taking a Life), on June 8, 2005.  Branch 26 of the Supreme Court approved this sentence.  Mr. Dusti Mugui was executed at Evin Prison on Wednesday, Jan 30, 2008.

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