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Age: 25
Nationality: Unknown
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: October 8, 2009
Location of Killing: Bojnurd Prison, Bojnurd, Khorasan-e Shomali Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Murder; Rape

About this Case

The execution of Mr. Amir without a last name was reported by several news sources: The Khorasan Province Criminal courts Website (October 8, 2009), Fars News Agency (October 8, 2009), Khorasan Newspaper (October 13, 2009), and Ghods Newspaper (October 10, 2009).

According to available information, Mr. Amir’s case was related to the murder of a child, as the result of molestation and rape.  The mother of this child had tried to cover up this incident in the hospital.  She had said the child had fallen from a high place. 

Arrest and detention

Mr. Amir was arrested by the police, in the gardens around the town of Bojnurd, as he was fleeing on a motorcycle. According to available information, a 22-month-old child passed away at the hospital.  Her mother confessed that she had left the child with her landlord’s son. At this point, Mr. Amir was prosecuted by order of the homicide detective. According to the police, he had fled from the home after the incident. (Khorasan Newspaper). 


Section 1 of the Criminal Court of Northern Khorasan Province tried Mr. Amir. No information is available on his trial.


The charge brought against Mr. Amir was “rape and murder” of a 22-month-old girl.  According to available information, Mr. Amir was accused of raping a 22-month-old child and fleeing the scene of the crime after he had taken mind-altering drugs.

Evidence of guilt

According to available information, the basis for the verdict was Mr. Amir’s confession.  Both in the preliminary police investigation, and in court, he confessed to striking the 22-month-old child and to raping her.  According to published reports, the original confessions of the mother of the child during the preliminary police investigation, and the testimony of the coroner’s office describing the cause of death as evidence of blows on the child’s body causing hemorrhage, were also presented as evidence of guilt. (Khorasan Newspaper).  The Coroner’s Office determined that rape was the cause of the child’s death (Criminal Courts of Northern Khorasan Province). 


According to available information, before committing this crime, Mr. Amir had used mind-altering drugs and hallucinogens, and was not in a natural state of mind.  On this basis, he asked for clemency, but the Supreme Court denied his request (Ministry of Justice of Northern Khorasan Province). No information is available on his defense.


Section 1 of the Criminal Courts of Northern Khorasan Province sentenced Mr. Amir to “death by hanging”.  Section 11 of the Supreme Court approved this verdict (Criminal Courts of Northern Khorasan Province).

Mr. Amir was executed on October 6, 2009, 5:30 am, at the Central Prison of Bojnourd.  The General and Revolutionary Prosecutor, Coroner, Prison Warden, Head of Police, and family of the victim were in attendance (Criminal Courts of Northern Khorasan Province).

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