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One Person’s Story

Abbas Biranvand


Age: 31
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: August 16, 2001
Location of Killing: Semnan, Semnan Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging

About this Case

News of the execution of Mr. Abbas Biranvand, a resident of Khorramabad, along with two others, was published in the Iran and Jomhuri-Eslami newspapers on August 18, 2001.    

Mr. Biranvand case is in connection with an armed robbery at a restaurant in Garmsar-Semnan road on July 31, 2000.

Arrest and Detention

According to the Jomhuri-Eslami newspaper, after several individuals with covered faces entered a restaurant in Garmsar-Semnan road and robbed some of the guests and the waiters, inspectors of the Intelligence Police in Garmsar arrested Mr. Binanvand along with some others while they were driving toward Tehran six hours after the robbery had taken place.  


The Islamic Revolutionary Court of Semnan tried Mr. Binanvand; however, no information is available on his trial.


The charge against Mr. Biranvand was announced as "several armed robberies across the country."    

Evidence of Guilt

The evidence provided against Mr. Biranvand and his collaborators was their confessions and recovery of two Kalashnikovs, a Colt, and some bullets.  


No information is available on Mr. Biranvand’s defense.  


The court condemned Mr. Abbas Biranvand to death for Waging War on God and Corruption on Earth by committing several armed robberies. The Supreme Court confirmed the ruling on July 21, 2001. He was hanged in public in Semnan on August 16, 2001. 

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