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One Person’s Story

Seyed Mansur Mirlohi


Age: 43
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: January 28, 2015
Location of Killing: Golpayegan, Esfahan Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Armed robbery; Murder; War on God

About this Case

News of the execution of Mr. Seyed Mansur Mirlohi was published on the websites of Mehr News Agency, Esfahan Provincial Courthouse, Golpa Press, and Bayan News Base on January 28, 2015. News of his arrest was published on the websites of Jamejam on December 31, 2014, Fars News Agency on January 2, and Bayan News Base on January 3, 2015.

Mr. Mirlohi, son of Seyed Abbas, was born in Flowerjan in 1971 and was a resident of Esfahan. According to Bayan News Base, quoting the Deputy Commander of Security Forces in Esfahan, he was a very smart individual and graduated from university with an A+ GPA. His acquintences knew him as a calm person. According to the Mehr News Agency report, he had a record for ten criminal convictions.  

Arrest and Detention

According to the media reports, on December 27, 2014, police suspected a car and ordered it to stop. Three passengers in the car began shooting at police injuring three agents, and escaped. During the police operation to arrest these three individuals, a clash took place at a quarter in Golpayegan resulting in the killing of three police agents and two residents and several injuries. One of the three armed men was also killed but the other two escaped. Police investigation revealed that these two individuals were hiding in a building in Fuladshahr near Esfahan. On January 1, 2015, when authorities attempted to arrest them, a clash took place resulted in the killing of one suspect and the arrest of Mr. Mirlohi. The two individuals killed were his brothers. 


Branch One of the Islamic Revolutionary Court of Esfahan tried this case and the indictment, previous record, and charges against Mr. Mirlohi were stated. (Mehr News – 01/28/15) No further information is available on his trial.  


The charges against Mr. Mirlohi were announced as "fighting again God and corruption on Earth by participation in creating public disturbance by shooting citizens, armed clash [with police], and committing widespread crime against individuals, disturbing the order and security in Golpayegan resulting in martyrdom of three agents and two residents, inflicting major physical damage to others, and participation in eight armed robberies resulting in seven murders and multiple injuries of citizens." 

According to the media reports, since 2000, Mr. Mirlohi and his two brothers had participated in several armed robberies from gold stores resulting in murder, injury and public disturbance. They dressed like security forces, used various combat weapons, and clashed with authorities on several occasions.       

Evidence of Guilt

The evidence presented against Mr. Mirlohi was his “confession.” According to Bayan News Base, quoting the Deputy Commander of Security Forces in Esfahan, he confessed to committing eight armed robberies. According to the same source, three grenades, four Kalashnikov weapons, and about one thousand bullets were recovered during Mr. Mirlohi’s arrest. In the indictment, recovery of three Kalashnikov weapons, two Colt handguns with bullets, one bulletproof vest, two grenades, three clerical clothes, and two military uniforms were indicated. 


No information is available on Mr. Mirlohi's defense.    


The court condemned Mr. Seyed Mansur Mirlohi to death (two counts) as a corruptor on Earth on January 24, 2015. The ruling was confirmed by the Supreme Court on January 26. He was hanged in public in Karegar square in fron of the city park in Golpayegan on January 28, 2015.     

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