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One Person’s Story

Hiva Mohammadi


Age: 28
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam
Civil Status: Single


Date of Killing: February 3, 2009
Location of Killing: Sanandaj, Kordestan Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Hanging
Charges: Murder

About this Case

News of the execution of Mr. Hiva Mohammadi was published by multiple sources including the websites of the Balochistan People’s Party on Febrary 4, 2009, the Kurdistan Media and Chak News on February 3, 2009. Additional information about this case is taken form an Abdorrahman Boroumand Foundation interview with one of Mr. Mohammadi’s cellmates.

Mr. Mohammadi was single, a high school graduate, and a resident in Sanandaj. According to his cellmate, he came from an educated and influential family, was well educated and intelligent. He was open-minded, a nationalist, and a political individual. He always was in solidarity with other political prisoners’ protests and plans in the prison. For this reason, he was questioned and punished by prison officials several times. He wrote poetry in prison and made art works using the bones obtained from the prison kitchen. (ABF interview)

According to the existing information, Mr. Mohammadi’s case was related to a street fight that resulted in the death of a forty-year-old man in Sanandaj in 2005.

In a different case, the Sanandaj Court had condemned Mr. Mohammadi to one year imprisonment for organizing a celebration of the International Labor Day, May first, inside the prison. (The websites of Balochistan People’s Party)  

Arrest and detention

After killing a person during a street fight in 2005, Mr. Mohammadi voluntarily surrendered to the police following his family’s advice. He was detained in the Sanandaj Central Prison for 4 years. (ABF interview) There is no specific information on his arrest and detention.


No information is available on Mr. Mohammadi’s trial. 


The charge against Mr. Mohammadi was announced as "murder." (The websites of Balochistan People’s Party)  

The validity of the criminal charges brought against this defendant cannot be ascertained in the absence of the basic guarantees of a fair trial.    

Evidence of guilt

According to his cellmate, Mr. Mohammadi’s confession has been the basis of his sentence. During his trial, he admitted the murder of a middle-age man in a street fight. (ABF interview) The report of this execution does not contain information regarding the evidence provided against‌ Mr. Mohammadi.


No information is available on Mr. Mohammadi’s defenses. According to Mr. Mohammadi’s cellmate, he had unwittingly killed a middle-age man in a street fight because of social issues related to his sister. He had left the murder scene without leaving any clue, but because of his family’s encouragement and suggestion, he surrendered voluntarily. (ABF interview)  


The court condemned Mr. Hiva Mohammadi to death. Despite too much effort, Mr. Mohammadi’s family could not get the consent of the victim’s family for a pardon. He was hanged in the Sanandaj Central Prison on Tuesday morning, February 3, 2009. (The websites of Balochistan People’s Party)

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