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One Person’s Story

Mina Shokuh Abdi


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam
Civil Status: Single


Date of Killing: 1984
Location of Killing: Evin Prison, Tehran, Tehran Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Unspecified execution method
Charges: Unknown charge

About this Case

Loved by children and her peers, she was respectful and thoughtful, tall and striking, true to her beliefs and her understandings.

The information regarding Ms. Mina Shokuh Abdi was sent to the Boroumand Foundation via an electronic form from a former cellmate who had been in prison with her from the time of her arrest in 1983 until her execution in the summer of 1985. Her cellmate recalls, Ms. Shokuh Abdi was a tall, beautiful young woman, with small features and black hair. She was kind, well-mannered and steadfast in her ideals. She was well-loved among the prisoners, but the detainees, who had repented and now adhered to the regime’s ideology, hated her and kept tabs on her communications with the other prisoners.

Arrest and detention

According to the form, Ms. Shokuh Abdi was arrest for the first time in 1981 and taken to Evin Prison. She was transferred to Qezel Hesar Prison, from which she was later freed.

Upon obtaining her freedom, Ms. Shokuh Abdi joined a fake organization designed by the Islamic Revolutionary Prosecution Office to entrap Mojahedin Khalq Organization’s (MKO) sympathizers. She believed that she was working for the MKO. The organization, under the pretence of sending its members abroad, had collected money from them. Ms. Shokuh Abdi had also given them money. The members were all arrested, the majority of whom realized that they had been deceived during interrogations. Most were imprisoned and some executed.

Ms. Shokuh Abdi, along with the other members, was arrested in 1983 and imprisoned in Evin Prison. She was detained in Ward 3 on the lower floor of the prison. She was denied a lawyer and had no access to the file containing the charges against her.

At that time (spring and summer 1984), there were 13 children among the prisoners. Mina loved children and played games with them. The children enjoyed her company.


There is no information regarding this trial.


The charges brought against the defendant are not known.

Evidence of guilt

No information is available concerning the evidence presented against the accused.


No information is available concerning Ms. Shokuh Abdi’s defense.


No specific information is available about the verdict leading to this execution. Ms. Shokuh Abdi was executed in the summer of 1985.

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