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One Person’s Story

Mohammad Hassan Arbab Shastan


Age: 32
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam (Shi'a)
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: June 6, 1993
Location of Killing: Karachi, Pakistan
Mode of Killing: Extrajudicial shooting
Charges: Unknown charge

About this Case

The information pertaining to Mr. Mohammad Hassan Arbab Shastan’s execution is drawn from a list compiled by the researchers at the Boroumand Foundation, further information is gathered from an electronic form sent to the Boroumand Foundation by a person familiar with his case who has asked to remain anonymous.

Mr. Arbab Shastan, born in the city of Shastun in the Baluchestan province, was a military captain and a supporter of the Mojahedin Khalq of Iran Organization.

Arrest and detention

The victim was not arrested.


The victim was not summoned before a court and no public trial was held in his case. It is not known whether he was tried in abstentia.


No specific charges were brought against the victim.

Evidence of guilt

There is no information regarding the evidence used against Mr. Arbab Shastan.


Mr. Arbab Shastan was not given the opportunity to defend himself before being killed.


According to the information presented in the electronic form, Mr. Arbab Shastan was executed by Iranian regime’s agents in the Baluch area of Karachi, Pakistan.

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