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Abbasqoli Davodi


Nationality: Iran
Religion: Presumed Muslim
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: April 9, 1979
Location of Killing: Ahmadabad Cemetery, Behbahan, Khuzestan Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Corruption on earth; Fighting against the revolution/blocking the path of God; Torture; Murder of persons and/or killing Muslims or/and freedom fighters

About this Case

Captain Abbas Qoli Davudi is one of 438 victims listed in a March 13, 1980 Amnesty International report. The report lists defendants who were convicted by Revolutionary Tribunals in the period from their inception until 12 August 1979. The list of victims and charges is drawn from sources including translations of indictments, reports of trials carried out by local and foreign media and the bulletins of the official Pars News Agency reports.

International human rights organizations have drawn attention to reports indicating that the Islamic Republic’s authorities have executed individuals on trumped up charges such as drug trafficking, sexual, and other criminal offences. The exact number of people convicted based on trumped-up charges is unknown.

Arrest and detention

No information regarding the defendant's arrest and detention is available.


Amnesty International's report on this execution contains no information regarding the defendant's identity or trial.


The charges against Captain Davudi, as listed in the Amnesty International Report, are: insulting the religious groups, insulting Muslim prisoners, insulting the Imam, insulting the pure clergymen and trying to discredit them by calling them communists; violating the right of people. N.B. - On 8 May reports circulated in Iran and abroad that a defendant had been executed for "insulting the Imam". (63) On 16 May Ayatollah Azar Qomi denied this and said that "It is against religious law to sentence to death for insulting the Imam..." (64) On 26 May, Ayatollah Khomeini issued an edict banning anyone from insulting the clergy. The edict provided for trial in a revolutionary tribunal and also made provision for the trial of persons who "posed as clergymen for their own ends". (65) The offence of "insulting the Imam" is included within List A, Category 2d as the source of Amnesty International's information on this matter comes within the category of material on which these lists have been compiled."

The validity of the charges brought against this defendant cannot be ascertained in the absence of the basic guarantees of a fair trial.

Evidence of guilt

No information is available on the evidence presented against Captain Davoudi.


No information is available regarding the defense of the accused.


The defendant was sentenced to death and executed. No other details are available.

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