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Omid is home to thousands of individuals whose violent death is attributed to the Islamic Republic of Iran, or to agents acting on its behalf. The list, drawn mainly from published sources and interviews or communications with victims friends and relatives, is not exhaustive. Executions are not always announced and the media has not been consistent in reporting those that were made public. The information regarding victims of bombings (carried out by or on behalf of the Islamic Republic outside Iran) is also incomplete. Further, the list does not include those killed in armed clashes with the Islamic Republic’s armed forces or the civilians killed by the Islamic Republic’s security forces or militias in such context.

Results 26301 – 26304 of 26304
Mode of Killing: Unspecified execution method; Iran
Mode of Killing: Unspecified execution method; Shiraz, Fars Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting; Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting; Iran

The list of Omid victims is drawn from published sources such as the Islamic Republic’s media, official statements, reports by international and national human rights organizations, civil society groups, political parties’ publications, published memoirs, and interviews with victims’ relatives and friends. ABC's staff has strived to be as accurate as possible, verify the information, provide historical backgrounds, and eliminate duplicates. The sources of the information are quoted in each individual page.Considering the high number of unreported executions and assassinations, Omid also includes information from unpublished sources ( electronic forms sent anonymously to Omid or obtained from ABC sources) that ABC has not been able to verify. ABC presents unverified information as such.