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Defenders Under Threat

Manijeh Bohluli, A Defender Under Threat

Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
January 14, 2020

Name: Manijeh

Surname: Bohluli

Profession: Attorney at law

Place of Work: Eastern Azarbaijan Province, town of Mianeh

Ms. Manijeh Bohluli was arrested on January 15, 2013, in the town of Mianeh. Her arrest was reportedly related to a complaint that she had lodged against a number of judiciary officials who had seized and confiscated some of her documents and case files. According to some news reports, five months prior to her arrest, the Prosecutor and the Investigating Judge of a case she was representing had personally come to her office and seized a number of her documents and files. Manijeh Bohluli had lodged a complaint with the Judges Disciplinary Court against the Head of Mianeh Judiciary, the Mianeh Prosecutor, and the Presiding Judge of one of the court branches because of the aforementioned illegal seizure. Available information indicates that the judicial authorities arrested Bohluli in reprisal for her complaint. There is no information about the outcome of this case.