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Flogging in Orumieh Prison: Payman Mirzazadeh Given 100 Lashes for Insulting Sanctities and Alcohol Consumption

HRANA News Agency / translation by Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
July 28, 2019
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Payman Mirzazadeh, a political prisoner being held at Orumieh Prison, has commenced a hunger strike in protest of the verdict issued against him by Branch 110. He has been sentenced to two years and 100 lashes in the case. His flogging sentence was carried out today, Sunday [July 28 2019].

According to HRANA News Agency, news organ of Human Rights Activists in Iran, political prisoner Payman Mirzazadeh began a hunger strike today (July 28, 2019) following the implementation of his sentence of 100 lashes.

An informed source in Iran told HRANA: “Today, they transferred Mr. Mirzazadeh to the Branch 4 Sentence Implementation [facility] in Orumieh and carried out his sentence of 100 lashes. Mr. Mirzazadeh has commenced a hunger strike in protest of the issuing and implementation of his flogging and incarceration sentence handed down by Branch 110 of the Public Court in Orumieh for charges of “insulting sanctities” and “alcohol consumption.”

It bears mentioning that following implementation of the 100-lash sentence, Mr. Mirzazadeh’s body – particularly his back and feet – suffered severe swelling and he is presently in adverse physical condition.

The court session in which Mirzazadeh was tried on these charges was conducted on May 25, 2019 at Branch 110 of the Public Court in Orumieh. According to the pronounced verdict, he was sentenced to two years of incarceration and 80 lashes for the charge of “insulting sanctities” and 20 lashes for “alcohol consumption.”

On March 4, 2019, Mr. Mirzazadeh was sentenced to two years’ prison on charges of “collaboration with an anti-regime group” by the Branch One Revolutionary Court in Orumieh. The other charges entered against him were tried as described in this article in another case at the Public Court.

In addition to these two recent case, Mr. Mirzazadeh has been arrested and sentenced previously, including a December 18, 2017 detention by security forces in this county. He was sentenced to six months’ jail time in December 2017/early January 2018 without access to a lawyer in connection with this case by Branch 3 of the Revolutionary Court in Revolutionary Court of Orumieh on the charge of “propaganda against the regime” by way of singing songs in support of anti-regime groups.

He was freed from Orumieh Prison in connection with this previous case on June 9, 2018, upon completion of his sentence.