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1985 Supreme Court General Council Procedural Unification Ruling on Juvenile Legal Responsibility

Supreme Court General Council / translation by Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
Abdorrahman Boroumand Center
December 24, 1985
Official document

Unification Ruling No. 30 – Dec. 24, 1985

In the Name of God

Supreme Court General Council Procedural Unification Ruling

Article 1210 of the Civil Code as Amended on December 29, 1982, which, in principle, considers minors’ reaching puberty as evidence of their maturity, and that proof to the contrary must be provided in order to hold otherwise, also provides that they can manage all of their affairs with the exception of financial matters, which, pursuant to Note 2 of said Article, requires that proof of maturity be provided. In other words, upon reaching puberty and proving maturity, a minor can independently possess and manage and intervene in properties acquired through contractual or forced transfers prior to puberty, and cannot so intervene before proving maturity. On that basis, appointment of a guardian for purposes of managing the financial affairs of a minor and the exercise of their rights emanating therefrom, is necessary for individuals without a specific guardian after they have reached puberty but prior to proving maturity. Therefore, the [town of] Fassa General Civil Court’s ruling ([acting as] substitute for the Special Civil Court) is upheld insofar as it is in conformity with this Opinion. This Opinion is binding on all courts in similar cases, pursuant to Article 3 of the Articles added to the Law on the Rules of Criminal Procedure of 1958.