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To Object to My [Detention] Condition I Have No Choice But to Bind My Lips together

Babak Dadbakhsh
Human Rights Activists in Iran
January 15, 2008

To the Head of the Judiciary, the Esteemed Ayatollah Shahroudi:

This is to respectfully state that I, Babak Dadbakhsh (case number 84/7533), have been
incarcerated for more than three years charged with attempts to threaten national security. I wish to highlight the special circumstances in my case and those of other political prisoners at Rajaee Shahr prison. It should be noted that within
the past three years I have faced more than 21 counts of discrimination and hostility while in custody. During this period I have lived among murderers and dangerous and violent criminals, most of whom await execution. Prison officials claim that my transfer as well as the transfer of my fellow political prisoners to this [dangerous] prison ward is required by the law of segregation of inmates according to their crime. I along with other political prisoners need to inquire as to why our alleged crimes are deemed similar to those committed by murderers […]?

Noting that every legal attempt on our part to claim and exercise our rights has resulted in retaliatory measures by prison authorities and increase in mistreatment, including battery, [...] Considering that in response to our legitimate claims we have been illegally transferred [to another prison], which is against the bylaws of the National Prisons’ Association. Therefore, to object to such [detention] conditions, I have no choice but to bind my lips together.

I hope my voice and that of other political prisoners will reach your ears. I respectfully request that you look into our cases, not through fax or phone or biased reports by prison guards […], but in fact by commissioning an investigator to listen to our problems in person. I hope my cries reach you so that other political prisoners, who demand their lawful rights, are not forced to face the same circumstances that I have.

Babak Dadbakhsh

Political Prisoner at Rajaee Shahr Prison