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Our Last Visit to Our Children Before Their Execution

Families of Six Executed Kurdish Sunni Activists
Campaign to Defend Civil and Political Prisoners in Iran
April 6, 2015

In this heart wrenching letter the parents of six kurdish peaceful Sunni activists reminisce their last meeting with their children on the eve of their executions. They recount how after bidding farewell with their loved ones and after hearing their last wishes, they stayed behind the prison doors in the dark and cold and prayed all night for them hoping that the authorities would reconsider their decision to executed six innocent young men.

In their letter the authors wonder why the international community and human rights organizations wait until the very last minute before the executions to act and issue a communique, when it is already too late. They remind the international community that 30 more Sunni activists are on death row or have been unjustly condemned to long prison sentences.

The letter is dated 3 March 2015