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A representative from the Supreme Judicial Council met with death row prisoners Zanyar and Loghman Moradi

Committee of Human Rights Reporters
Committee of Human Rights Reporters
January 12, 2013

Committee of Human Rights Reporters – A representative from the Supreme Judicial Council visited Rajai Shahr prison and met with 2 Kurdish prisoners on death row, Zanyar Moradi and Loghman Moradi about their case.

Eghbal Moradi, Zanyar’s father said in an interview with CHRR, “Unfortunately I do not have precise information regarding what transpired at the meeting but we found out per news from Tehran that unfortunately the Council has rejected a stay and the execution can take place at any time.”

The father of Zanyar Moradi said, “This past week there have been talks of the execution being imminent and unfortunately this is a reality. During the 42 months that Zanyar has been imprisoned he has been deprived of any visitation. Only once when he was first detained and before the charges against him were announced, his grandparents were able to visit with him. Loghman’s family was able to have 2 brief visitations during this time but we were not able to see Zanyar and we have not even had the right to a phone call.”

“When I read the letter Zanyar had written from prison, since I myself have spent a lot of time in the prisons of the Islamic Republic, I was not at all surprised by his sentiment. I knew that at any moment they could commit any injustice they desire towards my son. What Zenyar has written is very true. The abuse and torture he described is not surprising and the authorities do as they please. These boys were severely tortured and as they said they are willing to disclose details of what was done to them in a fair trial.”

Eghbal Moradi said, “I sincerely thank every single political and human rights activist from all over the world who has protested against this unjust death sentence for Zanyar and Loghman and I am hopeful that our efforts will have a positive result.”

CHRR asked Eghbal Moradi what request he had of the judicial authorities to which he responded that those in charge never listen or care about these predicaments. “The authorities have for the past 32 years heard the cries of the prisoners’ mothers, fathers and loved ones, yet the situation has worsened. Every time those in charge come under pressure, the prisoners pay the price. I have no expectation from the authorities; if they have any humanity they must hear our cries and know that this is not just my voice. This is the voice of all the people of this nation who are saying ‘enough is enough, stop this injustice, enough killing, enough executions.’”