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They Killed My Father Because He Refused to Provide False Testimony

Behrang Sudbakhsh/Interview by Fereshteh Ghazi
Rooz on line
August 24, 2011

Dr. Abdolreza Sudbakhsh, a university professor and the head of the infectious disease section of Imam Khomeini's hospital, was assassinated in front of his clinic on 21 September 2010. In an interview with Fereshteh Qazi of Rooz Online, his son said that his father was killed because he refused to lie about what happened in Kahrizak detention center.

Dr. Sudbakhsh, an infectious disease specialist, had treated several prisoners (arrested after the 2009 public protests against the presidential elections' resluts), who had been raped and tortured during their detention. He had also treated several former detainees in Kahrizak detention center who suffered from genitourinary infections. He had been asked to provide written report alleging that those who died during their detention in Kahrizak detention center suffered from meningitis. He had refused to write such report.

In this interview, his son talks about the assassination of his father, and the fact that the authorities do not investigate the case properly and do not respond to the family. He also mentions suspiscious facts and evidence indicating that the his father's assassination may have been ordered by the state.