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Iran: Further information: Wife of stoning case lawyer released: Fereshteh Halimi

Amnesty International
August 9, 2010
Appeal/Urgent Action

Further information UA: 175/09 Index: MDE 13/082/2010 

Fereshteh Halimi, the wife of human rights lawyer Mohammad Mostafaei, was released on 7 August. Her brother and father, both of whom had been arrested, had been released by 3 August. They were arrested to pressure Mohammad Mostafaei to turn himself in; he has now left Iran for Norway.

Fereshteh Halimiwas released on 7 August. She had been arrested on 24 July, together with her brother, Farhad Halimi, and they are thought to have been held in Tehran's Evin Prison. Farhad Halimi was released on 3 August, while Fereshteh Halimi's father was arrested on 31 July and released the next day. None have been charged.

Judicial officials questioned Mohammad Mostafaei on 24 July, at Evin Prison, about his legal activities. As he left the prison, he was told that judicial officials had visited his office and house to arrest him. Having returned to his office, he learned of the arrest of his wife and brother-in-law and went into hiding in Iran. By 4 August it had emerged that he had travelled to Turkey and had sought asylum with the UNHCR. He was held for several days at an Istanbul detention centre for irregular migrants, but was then able to travel to Norway. His wife and daughter are expected to join him eventually in Norway. (For more information, please see: http://www.amnesty.org/en/news-and-updates/iran-must-end-harassment-stoning-case-lawyer-2010-07-28)

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals. Amnesty International will monitor the cases and take further action as necessary.

This is the third update of UA 175/09 (MDE 13/064/2009). Further information:www.amnesty.org/en/library/info/MDE13/064/2009