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Iran: Further Information on Fear of torture or ill-treatment/possible prisoner of conscience

Amnesty International
March 6, 2008
Appeal/Urgent Action

AI Index: MDE 13/043/2008

Further Information on UA 137/07 (MDE 13/068/2007, 7 June 2007) and follow-ups (MDE 13/106/2007, 23 August 2007; MDE 13/019/2008, 30 January 2008) - Fear of torture or ill-treatment/possible prisoner of conscience

IRAN Sa’id Metinpour (m), journalist, Azerbaijani cultural rights activist

Elirza Metinpour (m), his brother

Prisoners of conscience Sa’id and Elirza Metinpour were released on bail on 27 February, and are now at home with their family in the city of Zenjan. Bail amounting to five billion rials (about US$540,000) and one billion rials (about US$110,000) for Sa’id and Elirza Metinpour respectively was paid in the form of several property deeds.

Sa’id Metinpour was arrested on 25 May 2007, in the north-western city of Zenjan, and was later taken to Section 209 of Evin prison, where he was tortured in an attempt to make him confess. His brother Elirza was arrested on 28 August 2007, and was also tortured atEvin prison. The brothers are not known to have been formally charged with any offence.

No further action is requested from the UA network. Many thanks to all who sent appeals.