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One Person’s Story

Hushang Montazerolzohur


Age: 28
Nationality: Iran
Religion: Islam (Shi'a)
Civil Status: Unknown


Date of Killing: October 4, 1981
Location of Killing: Esfahan Prison, Esfahan, Esfahan Province, Iran
Mode of Killing: Shooting
Charges: Participating in armed demonstrations; Sympathizing with anti-regime guerilla groups; Counter revolutionary opinion and/or speech; Armed rebellion against the Islamic Republic; Participating in clashes with revolutionary guards and or Bassij brothers; Living in safe houses; Printing/distributing leaflets

About this Case

The information about the execution of Mr. Hushang Montazerolzohur, a follower of the Mojahedin Khalq Organization, and 80 other individuals, was released in a communiqué of the Islamic Revolutionary Public Prosecutor’s Office, published in the newspaper Kayhan, October 4, 1981.

This execution was also reported in an addendum to the Mojahed magazine (No 261), published by Mojahedin Khalq Organization in 1985. The list includes 12028 individuals, affiliated with various opposition groups, who were executed or killed during clashes with the Islamic Republic security forces from June 1981 to the publication date of the magazine.

The information about Mr. Montazerolzohur is taken from the Mojahedin Khalq Organization’s website. He was born in Tehran. He was a student at Tehran University majoring in the German language and a wrestler. But, due to financial problems, he could not continue his education. He then moved to Esfahan and studied history and physical education at the Esfahan University. At this time, he won the Greco-Roman Wrestling Championship of Iran, participated in the 1976 Olympic in Canada and the World Championship of Students in Bulgaria. After the revolution, he became the general director of the Physical Education department in Esfahan University. He became Iran's champion in the 95-Kilogram weight class in wrestling on August 13, 1981.

Arrest and detention

There is no specific information on the defendant’s arrest and detention. According to the Mojahedin website, Mr. Montazerolzohur was arrested by the Revolutionary Guards on August 15, 1981 at midnight. He was transferred to the Esfahan Revolutionary Guard prison. He was reportedly tortured severely during his 47-day detention.


No information is available on the defendant’s trial.


According to the communiqué of the Public Prosecutor’s Office the charges brought against the defendants are, “rebelling against the Islamic Regime, participating in clashes [against the Revolutionary Guards], armed demonstrations, storing unauthorized weapons, living in team houses and having connections with other groups, attacking the houses of Hezbollahi people and police and Basiji centers with Molotov Cocktails, creating terror and detonating explosives, distributing pamphlets and leading the youth astray.”

These charges are collective and brought against Mr. Montazerolzohur and 65 other individuals. The prosecution does not mention any specific offence for the defendant.

Based on the information present on the Mojahedin website, one day during the university closures for the so called "Cultural Revolution", the deputy chief of the Esfahan University insulted the soccer players and Mr. Montazerolzohur got into an argument with him defending the players. After this incident, he was suspended for a month and a half.

Evidence of guilt

The report of this execution contains no evidence provided against the defendant.


No information is available on Mr Hushang Montazerolzohur's defence.


No specific information is available about this execution. According to the Mojahedin website, Mr. Montazerolzohur was executed by a firing squad on October 3, 1981 at dawn.

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