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Roya Boroumand on Iranian Government's Arrest of Activists: Even if Acts are Illegal in Law, the Law Itself is Illegitimate

Manoto TV
Manoto TV
November 8, 2018

Abdorrahmam Boroumand Center Executive Director Roya Boroumand talks to Manoto TV about the government's lacking justification for the arrest of civil society activists. Boroumand emphasizes that even if the activism of those like Farhad Meysami (now facing proscution over his opposition to compulsary hijabs) is illegal in Iranian law, that law itself lacks legitimacy for its failure to respect universally-recognized human rights to freedom of speech, assembly, and due process. Boroumand says that organizations and individual activists can, through awareness-raising and marshalling international pressure, help raise the cost of cracking down on such activists for the Iranian government to discourage such violations in the future.

Video available in Persian only: